Return Policy and Procedure

Our basic return policy is very simple: within 30 days of purchase, we will accept anything back for a refund of the purchase price (but not of shipping costs). The premise of this return policy, however, is that the customer will return the goods in substantially the same condition as they were received. We have prepared this page to help you to properly manage and submit a return for refund.

Rules for Condition of Returned Items:

In order to accept items for return, we must receive them in a condition appropriate for resale as new or for remanufacture into as-new goods. Accordingly, cables submitted for refund must:

What if the Cable is Defective?

In the case of cable which is thought to be defective, the same rules apply as above; the reason for this policy is that in our experience the overwhelming majority of returned cable which is reported as defective is, in fact, functioning perfectly. This may seem a bit surprising, but there are a number of reasons why it is so; for example, a long HDMI cable may fail to work with a particular set of equipment because of the inability of the source device to drive signal over distance and not due to a problem with the cable itself, or a long audio cable which is reported to be causing hum is actually being blamed for a ground-loop problem which is caused by the placement of the equipment at each end of the cable on electrical circuits with differing ground potential.

Return Policy Beyond 30 Days:

As a general rule, we do not accept cable for return after 30 days. Any defect in manufacture of a cable assembly will ordinarily manifest itself immediately upon installation; the most frequent cause for requests to return cable after 30 days have passed is injury to HDMI connectors, which is caused either by incorrect attachment of pull-ropes to cable (specifically, allowing the pull force to be applied to the connector rather than attaching a pull rope to the jacket upstream of the connector body) or by excessive bend pressure, usually applied near the cable/connector interface either by twisting the cable hard at the point of insertion or by inserting the cable and then pushing the device into which it has been inserted too close to a wall or other obstacle to allow the cable to bend gradually away from the connection. We cannot accept cables which have been damaged in this manner for return.

Return Procedure:

If you would like to submit a return, please pack the cable together with documentation--ideally, a copy of your packing slip--so that we can look up your order and verify the price paid and method of payment. Send it to us at:

Blue Jeans Cable
ATTN: Returns
3216 16th Ave W
Seattle WA 98119

We ordinarily process returns within one to two weeks of receipt, and refunds are ordinarily issued by the same means that was used to make the original purchase.