About Us

We call ourselves "Blue Jeans Cable" because we think that good cables should have the same virtues as a good pair of denims: perfect in form and function, eminently practical, affordable, and unpretentious. Our objective is to provide you with professional-grade cabling for your home audio and video components, without all the hype and pseudoscience sometimes associated with the marketing of audio/video cables. We do that by using the finest broadcast-quality bulk cable and connectors to build a wide variety of cables for every audio and video application.

Our involvement in this industry began with our own experiences as consumers. As we shopped for video and audio cable, we found high prices and questionable product claims. After years of dealing with electronic issues in amateur radio, professional video editing, broacast and other applications, we had a pretty good idea just what cables will and won't do, and we found a lot of cable being sold to do things it couldn't. Worse, in the midst of all this hype and nonsense, there was a striking absence of the kind of information that rational people rely upon to make cabling decisions--engineering specs, tolerances, and actual electrical measurements that relate to system performance. We knew plenty of people in the broadcast and post-production market, and those people insisted on the best cabling available--but the best professional cabling, with the best specs of anything on the market, cost a mere fraction of the prices we were seeing for cheap, low-grade cables in fancy packaging with fancy brand names.

From the beginning, we have offered broadcast-quality cable products, cut and configured for typical home applications, direct to the consumer. From a corner of our living room, this business has expanded to a six-person operation involving a whole range of cable products and applications. As this expansion has gone on, our mission and our philosophy haven't changed a bit. We will always tell the truth about audio and video cabling; we will not make up new principles of physics to explain how our cables do something cables just don't do, or claim that exotic materials or processes give our cable unique and bizarre electrical properties. We want to sell cable the way engineers buy cable--on the basis of real, verifiable, measurable performance.

As the amount of cable we process has grown, we've become more sophisticated in our manufacturing techniques, and are always looking for new ways to bring the best assembly practices to bear on our product line. We started this business using hand-held coax strippers and ratchet-style crimp handles, and today we use Swiss-built computer-controlled stripping equipment and 3-ton pneumatic presses to provide the most consistent termination quality possible. After review of our facility and our assembly processes, Belden has designated us a Certified Assembler of Belden products, an honor shared by only a handful of companies--and no, none of the others are consumer a/v cable houses. There are many places to buy Belden cable, and we know that; that's why we insist on staying ahead of the pack not only by offering competitive pricing but also by doing everything we can to ensure that our assembly techniques and quality control are second to none.

Kurt & Pam
Blue Jeans Cable