Privacy Policy

Like you, we prefer to shop on the Internet without worrying about our private information being used for purposes we didn't intend.

Sharing Customer Data: We do not and will not sell, give or share our customers' names and contact info to or with any other vendor or any bulk mailing service.

Spamming: We do not send unsolicited e-mail to anyone, nor do we authorize anyone else to do so on our behalf. If in the future we make a customer newsletter available, we will do so on a strict opt-in basis and will send our past customers a single e-mail advising them of the availability of this newsletter; customers who do not explicitly opt in by responding to that mail will receive no further solicitation from us.

Credit Card Info: At this time, we use outside credit card processing services (PayPal, c2it) only; we do not have access to the credit card information that you supply when charging your purchase, and rely on those outside services to protect that information.

Cookies: Our PayPal shopping cart requires use of a cookie which stores the shopping cart contents, and PayPal may require other cookies to function properly. We do not have access to the information in those cookies.